Kleenex (Yes, Kleenex) Is About to Change the Way You Exfoliate 

Kleenex (Yes, Kleenex) Is About to Change the Way You Exfoliate 


I reserve my boxes of tissues for when I’m re-watching the Titanic for the 147th time, not for stripping my skin of the dead skin cells that so often cause my breakouts, so if you’re hesitant due to my headline, I get you. But I’m here today to tell you I have a Kleenex obsession (says my desk-mate who has overheard me freaking out more than a few times this week), and said obsession is largely due to the new line of facial care products the brand launched about a year ago.

While any type of wipe usually steals the thunder, I think the brand’s take on exfoliating is what truly deserves the spotlight. Here’s the deal. They came up with mini dual-sided exfoliating pads ($10; target.com) that are made with a gently textured material (don’t worry they won’t scratch off your face) infused with cleanser. One side features a scrubbing fabric with mini blue circles that exposes a foaming cleanser to your face. This allows you to remove the day from your face, along with any dead skin cells.

Then, the opposite side features tiny bumps that act as “polishers” or “buffers” to smooth away all that exfoliated nonsense. You’re meant to use them as often as you would exfoliate, so about twice a week depending on your routine.

Here’s the downside…It’s by no means an all-natural product if that’s up your alley, and if you’re not one for creating waste, well, you throw each of these babies away after one use. However, the case is refillable.

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The bonus is because they’re so portable, you don’t have to worry about cleanser or exfoliators spilling open in your gym bag. And as someone who’s always trying to minimize the amount of products I cart to the locker room of my crowded spin studio, I think it’s kinda genius.

The cleanser does a decent job at removing product, but I should still likely double cleanse if I had the opportunity, or if I had heavy duty eye makeup on.

But if you’re one of those people who needs total convenience, they might be hard to beat. Another makeup-removing, exfoliating product you’ll want to try ASAP? Kiko Milano Pure Clean Scrub and Peel Wipes ($9; kikocosmetics.com) are textured towelettes that take off your makeup, while giving you that buffing action, too.


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