Give Your Skin A Break: How To Go Without A Full Face...

Give Your Skin A Break: How To Go Without A Full Face of Makeup


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We get so used to our makeup routine that it can be really hard to part from it!

Whether you’re going to the gym or even just making a quick run to the supermarket, many of us feel the need to break out the foundation and concealer. Sure it’s great to want to always look your best, but we have to give our skin a break sometimes.

Enter our newest idea for a weekend warrior beauty challenge. No, we’re not going to suggest you go completely cold turkey and avoid any and all makeup (even we couldn’t do that), but the following makeup suggestions might still might be a bit of a challenge for ya.

Beauty Expert, Jessica Wakeman weighed in on ways we can lighten the load on our faces and still look just as beautiful with minimal makeup. Who knows, these tips might spill over into your actual work week! The goal? Fresh, clear skin with the least amount of effort, as well as the least amount of product.

Forget the Foundation. Just say no! Instead, be generous with the moisturizer. “It’s the best way to achieve a dewy, glow-like complexion before you even think about breaking out the bronzer,” Wakeman concurred. “Spend extra time massaging it in and get the blood flowing in your face.”

Put The Powder Down. Stay away from powder in your minimal makeup routine. Yes, we know it helps combat unwanted shine, but trust us on this one. “Powder can in fact make your skin look even duller,” Wakeman added. “Instead, use a BB or CC cream to even out your skin tone.”

Skip The Heavy Concealer. Probably one of the hardest makeup products to part with, you gotta give this one a break too. But don’t worry, Wakeman has still got you covered (pun intended). The expert says to opt for a liquid highlighter instead. 

“Using a highlighter reflects light on the high points of your face while adding a little bit of shimmer,” Jessica explained. “Using a liquid instead of powder also creates a more moisturized look.”

Bronze It Up. Nothing covers up facial flaws like a great tan. So skip the sun and create your own! “Applying a bronzer all over the face can act as an at-home way of getting some color,” Wakeman agreed. “Be it your favorite SmashBox bronzer or a self-tanner like St. Tropez, giving your complexion a boost is a must for a natural glow!”



This article was originally published on Fashion Times. 



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